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Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism Abuse - 1458 Words

The alcohol abuse definition is similar to alcoholism in that in both cases alcohol is causing harm to the drinker s life and those around them. The difference is that those who abuse alcohol, but are not yet alcoholics, typically can put some limitations on their drinking and they have not yet become physically addicted to alcohol. The key to the alcohol abuse definition is not in the amount of alcohol consumed but on how it affects an individual. Alcohol abuse is a psychiatric diagnosis in which there is recurring harmful use of ethanol despite its negative consequence. In 2013 it was reclassified as alcohol use disorder along with alcohol dependence. There are two types of alcohol abuse, those who have anti-social and pleasure†¦show more content†¦Get hooked on drinking to stave off withdrawal symptoms. Also, younger family members tend to mimic the alcohol use patterns of their parents, siblings, and other family members. Peers also influence drinking behavior. Som e studies shows that regardless of family history of alcoholism, a lack of parental monitoring, severe and recurrent family conflict and poor parent-child relationships can contribute to alcohol abuse in adolescents. Children with conduct skills as well as those with little connection to parents, other family members, or school may be at an increased risk for alcohol abuse. Before you seek treatment the first and most important part of the process is that of admitting that you have a problem. Once you have done so then the next step is help and support. Beating an alcohol addiction is a long and painful process. It requires much more than sheer willpower: it requires you to make changes to every aspect of your life and some of that can be more difficult to do than others. But help and support is available so you don’t need to do this on your own. Treatments for alcohol addiction are quite varied because there are multiple perspectives for the condition itself. Those who approach alcoholism as a medical condition or disease recommend differing treatments than, for instance, those who approach the condition as one of social choice. Most treatments focus on helping people discontinue their alcohol intake,

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Child Care Facilities At The United Nation Daycare Center

At the United Nation Daycare Center we required parent or guardian to appear in our facility office in order to perform the application enrollment. The center will provide the parent or guardian with the facility rate package and enrollment application, along with the policy and procedures of the application process. Parent or guardian have 30 days from enrollment day to bring back all required paper in order to admit the child into our center. Parent or guardian must provide the center with the following information: Emergency contact, Medical information if applicable, fieldtrip consent forms. Emergency information and authorization for treatment and transportation/walking field trips. This forms must be updated on an annually base.†¦show more content†¦On behave of our facility staff members, we like to thank you for your cooperation on the matter. In order for your child enrollment to complete we ask to please have your child’s physician complete and the Statement of Health Status Form and Immunization Form. Immunizations must be recorded on the Certificate of Immunization form supplied by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). If a parent or guardian of a child wishes an exemption from the requirement for immunizations due to religious or personal beliefs, a written statement signed by the child’s parent or guardian which states the reason for such an exemption and that the child is in good health must be submitted to the center before child is admitted. Parents or guardian must be notified in writing prior to their child’s enrollment in the center if non-immunized children are admitted to the center. An itemized fee schedule7.702.41 G The United Nation Daycare Center are strictly based on the scheduled hours of contracted child care services. United Nation Daycare Center will not adjust care fees for late arrival, early pickup, or missed days. Child fee for full-time child is $450.00 per-week. Part-time child will be $250.00 per-week. If parent or guardian cannot meet the center required price, we ask

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10 Cool Facts About Lithium

Here are some facts about lithium, which is element atomic number 3 on the periodic table. Lithium Facts and History What we know about lithium: Lithium is the third element in the periodic table, with three protons and the element symbol Li.  It has an atomic mass of 6.941.  Natural lithium is a mixture of two stable isotopes, lithium-6 and lithium-7.  Lithium-7 accounts for over 92% of the natural abundance of the element.Lithium is an alkali metal.  Its silver-white in pure form and is so soft it can be cut with a butter knife.  It has one of the lowest melting points and a high boiling point for a metal.Lithium metal burns white, though it imparts a crimson color to a flame.  This is the characteristic that led to its discovery as an element.  In the 1790s, it was known that the mineral petalite  (LiAISi4O10)  burned crimson in a fire. By 1817, the Swedish chemist  Johan August Arfvedson had determined that the mineral contained an unknown element responsible for the colored flame. Arfvedson named the element, although he was unable to purify it as a pure metal. It wasnt until 1855 that British chemist   Augustus Matthiessen and German chemist Robert Bunsen finally managed to purify lithium from lithium chloride.Lithium doesnt occur free in nature, though it is found in nearly all igneous rocks and in mineral springs.  It was one of three elements produced by the big bang, along with hydrogen and helium. However, the pure element is so reactive its only found naturally bonded to other elements to form compounds.  The natural abundance of the element in the Earths crust is about 0.0007%. One of the mysteries surrounding lithium is that the amount of lithium believed to have been produced by the big bang is about three times higher than what scientists see in the oldest stars.  In the solar system, lithium is much less common than 25 of the first 32 chemical elements, probably because the atomic nucleus of lithium is practically unstable, with two stable isotopes possessing extremely low binding energies per nucleon.Pure lithium metal is extremely corrosive and requires spec ial handling.  Because it reacts with air and water, the metal is stored under oil or enclosed in an inert atmosphere. When lithium catches fire, the reaction with oxygen makes it difficult to extinguish the flames.Lithium is the lightest metal  and the least dense solid element, with a density of about half that of water. In other words, if lithium didnt react with water (which it does, somewhat vigorously), it would float.Among other uses, lithium is employed in medicine, as a heat transfer agent, for making alloys, and for batteries. Although lithium compounds are known to stabilize mood, scientists still dont know the exact mechanism for the effect on the nervous system. What is known is that it reduces the activity of the receptor for the neurotransmitter dopamine and that it can cross the placenta to affect an unborn child.The transmutation of lithium to tritium was the first man-made nuclear fusion reaction.The name for lithium comes from the Greek lithos, which means sto ne. Lithium occurs in most igneous rocks, although it doesnt occur free in nature.Lithium metal is made by electrolysis of fused lithium chloride.

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The Great Depression Caused A Massive Unemployment

The great depression was an event that impacted the U.S in a very drastic way. It caused many to lose their jobs, therefore losing wealth. It was a long lasting economic crisis during 1929. Lasting until 1940s. It started the beginning of involvement from the government to the country’s economy and also the society altogether. The government wanted to find ways to end this. After almost a decade of prosperity and high optimism , the U.S is now faced to a period of despair. Many had to recover from this downfall and it was hard for them. No one was ready for this event known as Black Tuesday. The Great Depression impacted the americans and cause 20 - 25 million of americans to become unemployed and banks came to fail. The great†¦show more content†¦Many americans were affected by the crash because they depended on the stock market. The banks suddenly started to fail also, after the stock market crashed. Some banks started to shut down. The industrial production drop ped by half. The farmers could not sell any crops because the prices had to increase. In 1930, the first banking panics began. President Hoover wanted support the falling industry and banks. He tried hard to make loans and help the country. The crash of the stock market was only the beginning of the great depression. Banks were forced to closed, causing clients to lose money and income, making them have a hard time. They had to figure out how to keep up with their incomes and wages. How to help out their family. They lost their jobs and that made it difficult for them to pay their needs. While the jobs became more scarce, unemployment was abundant. The great depression also cause other types of people to become unemployed. Farmers also became unemployed. The clients would not buy from him because either the prices were too high due to there being not as much crops or due to there being no crops at all because of the money needed to plant. The farmers usually lived in the plains due to more to harvest crops. There was a problem though. The weather was usually not as good. There were droughts and windstorms and severe weather conditions, That did not cooperate with the great depression either. Both put togetherShow MoreRelatedThe Causes of Canadas Great Depression of 1929-1939 Essay1679 Words   |  7 PagesThe term ‘Great Depression’ according to Kristin Brennan evokes black-and-white images of thin men in threadbare suits and worn-out shoes selling five-cent apples on city streets, of â€Å"grim-faced women lined up three deep to collect bread and milk at relief stations.†# The Great Depression of the 1930s was a devastating time toward many Canadians, where the collapse of the stock market was the beginning of the Depression, a period of severe economic and social hardship, massive unemployment, and terribleRead MoreAustralia and the Great Depression1704 Words   |  7 PagesWhy did Australia lead the world into Depression in the late 19 20s and suffer its effects so gravely and for so long? Australia suffered significantly during the Great Depression of the late 1920s. Australia was one of the worst effected countries in the World. This essay will look at why Australia lead the world into Depression in the late 1920s and why it suffered from its effects for so long. A depression is defined as A period of drastic decline in a national or international economy, characterizedRead MoreThe Great Depression and Unemployment: Discussion Questions1271 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Principles of Macroeconomics 1 ________________________________________________________________________ Q. 2: The Great Depression The Great Depression started in 1930 and lasted until 1939. It can be regarded as the worst depression the world has ever seen in the history. Spread across various nations, the Great Depression badly hampered each and every aspect of the economic, business, political, and social life. The most affected regions due to this economic slump were North America, EuropeRead MoreThe Stock Market Crash Of 19291437 Words   |  6 Pagesthe stock market (without their consent). With the stock market prices rising, everything seemed fantastic. Many believe incorrectly that the stock market crash of 1929 is the same as the Great Depression when in fact; it was one of the major causes that led to the Great Depression. At first, there was no massive drop. Stock prices began to fluctuate in September and early October of 1929, and then on October 18 the plummet began. People started to panic, and on October 24, a record 12 billion sharesRead MoreThe Great Depression of Canada1140 Words   |  5 Pages The Great Depression was not just a little event in history, hence the word â€Å"great†, but a major economical setback that would change Canada, and the world, forever. The word â€Å"great† may not mean the same thing it does now; an example of this is the ‘Great’ War. These events were not ‘good’ or ‘accomplishing’ in any way, quite the opposite, but in those times it most likely meant ‘big’. What made it big are many factors, both in the 20’s and 30’s, which can be categorized into three main points:Read MoreReview Questions On New Deal Legislation Essay950 Words   |  4 Pagesambitious agency that was created from the past in order to help people. WPA was created during 1935 after the Great Depression occurred. The WPA purpose was to help employ millions of unemployed people. For example, it mostly helped unskilled men, women, and black to get a job. b) Due to the massive unemployment rate that was created during 1935, Roosevelt and his advisers launched a massive work relief which was known as the WPA. This agency was sponsored by FDR and his adviser Harry Hopkins. AccordingRead MoreDust Bowl Bt Donald Worster Essay764 Words   |  4 Pagesno less valid, opinion on the matter. In his book Dust Bowl: The Southern Plains in the 1930s Donald Worster blames mans inappropriate interference with nature that allowed these massive storms of dust that happen. My argument, however, is that there was a in fact a close link between the Dust Bowl and the Depression -- that the same society produced them both, and for similar reasons. Both events revealed fundamental weaknesses in the traditional culture of America, the one in ecological termsRead MoreThe World s Economy Was Devastated1732 Words   |  7 PagesSeptember 10, 2015 In 1929, the western world’s economy was devastated. With the crash of the United States Wall Street, the realm drove into what is now known as the â€Å"Great Recession†. Its neighbour to the north, Canada also felt these affects as unemployment and poverty grew. After a decade of despair, the massive rise in government spending for the Second World War and the reductions in taxes, the economies returned to prosper. With decades of industrialization, population growth andRead More The Great Depression Essay1193 Words   |  5 Pages nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The Great Depression was a period, which seemed to go out of control. The crashing of the stock markets left most Canadians unemployed and in debt, prairie farmers suffered immensely with the inability to produce valuable crops, and the Canadian Government and World War II became influential factors in the ending of the Great Depression. The 1920’s meant prosperity for Canada. Canadians living in the 1920’s were freer in values, less disciplined, and concerned withRead MoreImpact Of The New Deal And Programs On The Great Depression1274 Words   |  6 Pages Impact of the New Deal and programs on the Great Depression Preceding the Great Depression, the United States went through a glorious age of prosperity, with a booming market, social changes,and urbanization..America was changing. At the end of the 1920’s well through the 1930’s, America was faced with it’s greatest challenge yet. The 1929 stock market crash was the end to the prosperity of the â€Å"Roaring Twenties†. Now the people and government were faced with a huge problem,a failing economy. President

Last Sacrifice Chapter Four Free Essays

AND WHEN I SAY THEY blew up, I mean they blew up. Flames and smoke unfurled like petals from a newly opened flower as those poor monarchs exploded into pieces of rock. For a moment, I was stunned. We will write a custom essay sample on Last Sacrifice Chapter Four or any similar topic only for you Order Now It was like watching an action movie, the explosion cracking the air and shaking the ground. Then, guardian training kicked in. Critical observation and calculation took over. I immediately noticed that the bulk of the statue’s material blew toward the outer sides of the garden. Small stone pieces and dust rained down on the funeral procession, but no large chunks of rock hit Lissa or anyone standing nearby. Assuming the statues had not spontaneously combusted, whoever had blown them up had done so in a precise way. The logistics aside, huge billowing pillars of flame are still pretty scary. Chaos broke loose as everyone tried to get away. Only, they all took different routes, so collisions and entanglements occurred. Even the pallbearers set down their precious burden and took off. Ambrose was the last to do so, his mouth agape and eyes wide as he stared at Tatiana, but another look at the statues sent him off into the mob. A few guardians tried to keep order, herding people back down the funeral path, but it didn’t do a lot of good. Everyone was out for themselves, too terrified and panicked to think reasonably. Well, everyone except for Lissa. To my surprise, she wasn’t surprised. She had been expecting the explosion. She didn’t run right away, despite people pushing past and shoving her aside. She stood rooted where she’d been when the statues blew up, studying them and the wreckage they’d caused. In particular, she seemed concerned about anyone in the crowd who might have been hurt by the blasts. But, no. As I’d already observed, there seemed to be no injuries. And if there were, it was going to be because of the stampede. Satisfied, Lissa turned and began walking away with the others. (Well, she was walking; they were running). She’d only gone a little distance when she saw a huge group of guardians hurrying toward the church, faces grim. Some of them stopped to aid those escaping the destruction, but most of the guardians were on their way to the blast site to see what had happened. Lissa paused again, causing the guy behind her to slam into her back, but she barely felt the impact. She intently watched the guardians, taking note of how many there were, and then moved on once more. Her hidden thoughts were starting to unravel. Finally, I began to see pieces of the plan she’d kept hidden from me. She was pleased. Nervous, too. But overall, she felt– A commotion back at the jail snapped me into my own mind. The usual quiet of the holding area had shattered and was now filled with grunts and exclamations. I leapt up from where I’d been sitting and pressed against the bars, straining to see what was happening. Was this building about to explode too? My cell only faced a wall in the hallway, with no view of the rest of the corridor or its entrance. I did, however, see the guardians who usually stood at the hall’s far end come tearing past me, toward whatever altercation was occurring. I didn’t know what this meant for me and braced for anything, friend or foe. For all I knew, there could be some political fringe group launching attacks on the Court to make a statement against the Moroi government. Peering around the cell, I swore silently, wishing I had anything to defend myself. The closest I had was Abe’s book, which was no good at all. If he was the badass he pretended to be, he really would have slipped a file into it. Or gotten me something bigger, like War and Peace. The scuffling died down and footsteps thundered toward me. Clenching my fists, I took a few steps back, ready to defend myself against anyone. â€Å"Anyone’ turned out to be Eddie Castile. And Mikhail Tanner. Friendly faces were not what I had expected. Eddie was a longtime friend from St. Vladimir’s, another new guardian like me and someone who’d stuck by me through a lot of misadventures, including the Victor Dashkov prison break. Mikhail was older than us, mid-twenties, and had helped us restore Dimitri in the hopes that Sonya Karp–a woman Mikhail had loved who had turned Strigoi–might be saved as well. I glanced back and forth between the two guys’ faces. â€Å"What’s going on?’ I demanded. â€Å"Nice to see you too,’ said Eddie. He was sweating and keyed up with battle fervor, a few purple marks on his face showing he’d met someone’s fist tonight. In his hand was a weapon I’d seen in the guardians’ arsenal: a baton-type thing used to incapacitate people without killing them. But Mikhail held something much more valuable: the keycard and mechanical key to open my cell. My friends were staging a prison break. Unbelievable. Crazy was usually my specialty. â€Å"Did you guys †¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ I frowned. The thought of escape filled me with joy, but the logistics were sobering. Clearly, they’d been responsible for the fight with my guards that I’d just heard. Getting down here in the first place wasn’t that easy either. â€Å"Did you two just take on every guardian in this building?’ Mikhail finished unlocking the door, and I didn’t waste any time in hurrying out. After feeling so oppressed and smothered for days, it was like stepping onto a mountain ledge, wind and space all around me. â€Å"Rose, there are no guardians in this building. Well, maybe one. And these guys.’ Eddie gestured in the direction of the earlier fight, where I assumed my guards lay unconscious. Surely my friends hadn’t killed anyone. â€Å"The rest of the guardians are all checking out the explosion,’ I realized. Pieces began coming together–including Lissa’s lack of surprise over the commotion. â€Å"Oh no. You had Christian blow up ancient Moroi artifacts.’ â€Å"Of course not,’ said Eddie. He seemed shocked that I would have suggested such an atrocity. â€Å"Other fire users would be able to tell if he did.’ â€Å"Well, that’s something,’ I said. I should have had more faith in their sanity. Or maybe not. â€Å"We used C4,’ explained Mikhail. â€Å"Where on earth did you–‘ My tongue locked up when I saw who was standing at the end of the hallway. Dimitri. Not knowing how he was during my imprisonment had been frustrating. Christian and Tasha’s report had been only a tease. Well, here was the answer. Dimitri stood near the hall’s entrance in all his six-foot-seven glory, as imperious and intimidating as any god. His sharp brown eyes assessed everything in an instant, and his strong, lean body was tensed and ready for any threat. The look on his face was so focused, so filled with passion, that I couldn’t believe anyone ever could have thought he was a Strigoi. Dimitri burned with life and energy. In fact, looking at him now, I was again reminded of how he’d stood up for me at my arrest. He wore that same expression. Really, it was the same one I’d seen countless times. It was the one people feared and admired. It was the one I had loved. â€Å"You’re here too?’ I tried reminding myself that my muddled romantic history wasn’t the most important thing in the world for a change. â€Å"Aren’t you under house arrest?’ â€Å"He escaped,’ said Eddie slyly. I caught the real meaning: he and Mikhail had helped Dimitri escape. â€Å"It’s what people would expect some violent probably-still-a- Strigoi guy to do, right?’ â€Å"You’d also expect him to come bust you out,’ added Mikhail, playing along with the game. â€Å"Especially considering how he fought for you last week. Really, everyone is going to think he busted you out alone. Not with us.’ Dimitri said nothing. His eyes, while still carefully watching our surroundings, were also assessing me. He was making sure I was okay and uninjured. He looked relieved that I was. â€Å"Come on,’ Dimitri finally said. â€Å"We don’t have much time.’ That was an understatement, but there was one thing bugging me about my friends’ â€Å"brilliant’ plan. â€Å"There’s no way they’ll think he did it alone!’ I exclaimed, realizing what Mikhail was getting at. They were setting Dimitri up as the culprit in this escape. I gestured to the unconscious guardians at our feet. â€Å"They saw your faces.’ â€Å"Not really,’ a new voice said. â€Å"Not after a little spirit-induced amnesia. By the time they wake up, the only person they’ll remember seeing will be that unstable Russian guy. No offense.’ â€Å"None taken,’ said Dimitri, as Adrian stepped through the doorway. I stared, trying not to gape. There they were together, the two men in my life. Adrian hardly looked like he could jump into a fistfight, but he was as alert and serious as the other fighters here. His lovely eyes were clear and full of the cunning I knew they could possess when he really tried. That’s when it hit me: he showed no sign of intoxication whatsoever. Had what I’d seen the other day been a ruse? Or had he forced himself to take control? Either way, I felt a slow grin creeping over my face. â€Å"Lissa lied to your mom earlier,’ I said. â€Å"You’re supposed to be passed out drunk somewhere.’ He rewarded me with one of his cynical smiles. â€Å"Well, yes, that would probably be the smarter–and more enjoyable–thing to be doing right now. And hopefully, that’s what everyone thinks I’m doing.’ â€Å"We need to go,’ said Dimitri, growing agitated. We turned toward him. Our jokes vanished. That attitude I’d noticed about Dimitri, the one that said he could do anything and would always lead you to victory, made people want to follow him unconditionally. The expressions on Mikhail and Eddie’s faces–as they grew serious–showed that was exactly how they felt. It seemed natural to me too. Even Adrian looked like he believed in Dimitri, and in that moment, I admired Adrian for putting aside any jealousy–and also for risking himself like this. Especially since Adrian had made it clear on more than one occasion he didn’t want to be involved with any dangerous adventures or use his spirit in a covert way. In Las Vegas, for example, he’d simply accompanied us in an observer’s role. Of course, he’d also been drunk most of the time, but that probably made no difference. I took a few steps forward, but Adrian suddenly held out a hand to stop me. â€Å"Wait– before you go with us, you need to know something.’ Dimitri started to protest, eyes glinting with impatience. â€Å"She does,’ argued Adrian, meeting Dimitri’s gaze squarely. â€Å"Rose, if you escape †¦ you’re more or less confirming your guilt. You’ll be a fugitive. If the guardians find you, they aren’t going to need a trial or sentence to kill you on sight.’ Four sets of eyes rested on me as the full meaning sank in. If I ran now and was caught, I was dead for sure. If I stayed, I had the slim chance that in my short time before trial, we might find evidence to save me. It wasn’t impossible. But if nothing turned up, I was also most certainly dead. Either option was a gamble. Either one had the strong possibility of me not surviving. Adrian looked as conflicted as I felt. We both knew I didn’t have any good choices. He was simply worried and wanted me to know what I was risking. Dimitri, however †¦ for him, there was no debate. I could see it all over his face. He was an advocate of rules and doing the proper thing. But in this case? With such bad odds? It was better to risk living as a fugitive, and if death came, better to face it fighting. My death will not be penciled in on someone’s calendar. â€Å"Let’s go,’ I said. We hurried out of the building, anxious to get moving with the plan. I couldn’t help but comment to Adrian, â€Å"You’ve got to be using a lot of spirit to pull off all those illusions on the guards.’ â€Å"I am,’ he agreed. â€Å"And I don’t really have the power to do it for very long. Lissa could probably make a dozen guardians think they’d seen ghosts. Me? I can barely make a few forget Eddie and Mikhail. That’s why there had to be someone they remembered to attract the attention, and Dimitri’s the ideal scapegoat.’ â€Å"Well, thank you.’ I gave his hand a gentle squeeze. As warmth flowed between us, I didn’t bother telling him I was a long way from being free yet. It would diminish his heroics. We had a lot of obstacles ahead, but I still appreciated him stepping up like this and respecting my decision to go along with the escape plan. Adrian shot me a sidelong glance. â€Å"Yeah, well, I’m supposed to be crazy, right?’ A flash of affection shone in his eyes. â€Å"And there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for you. The stupider, the better.’ We emerged to the main floor, and I saw that Eddie had been right about guardian security. The halls and rooms were virtually deserted. Without a second glance, we hurried outdoors, and the fresh air seemed to renew my energy. â€Å"Now what?’ I asked my rescuers. â€Å"Now we take you to the getaway car,’ said Eddie. The garages weren’t far, but they weren’t close either. â€Å"That’s a lot of open ground to cover,’ I said. I didn’t bring up the obvious problem: me being killed if spotted. â€Å"I’m using spirit to keep us all vague and nondescript,’ said Adrian. More testing of his magic. He couldn’t handle much more. â€Å"People won’t recognize us unless they stop and stare directly at us.’ â€Å"Which they probably won’t,’ said Mikhail. â€Å"If anyone even notices us at all. Everyone’s too worried about themselves to pay much attention to others in all this chaos.’ Looking around outside, I could see he was right. The jail building was far from the church, but by now, people who’d been near the blast had made their way to this part of Court. Some were running into their residences. Some were seeking guardians, hoping for protection. And some †¦ some were going the same direction we were, toward the garages. â€Å"People are freaked out enough to actually try to leave Court,’ I realized. Our group was moving as fast as we could with Adrian, who wasn’t in the shame shape as dhampirs. â€Å"The garages will be crowded.’ Both official Court vehicles and visiting guests parked in the same area. â€Å"That could help us,’ said Mikhail. â€Å"More chaos.’ With so many distractions in my own reality, I couldn’t plunge completely into Lissa’s. A light brush of the bond found her safe, over in the palace. â€Å"What’s Lissa doing during all of this?’ I asked. Believe me, I was glad she wasn’t involved with this busting-me-out-of-jail madness. But, as Adrian had noted, her ability with spirit could have gone much farther than his here. And now, looking back on it all, it was obvious she had known about this plan. That had been her secret. â€Å"Lissa needs to stay innocent. She can’t be linked to any part of the escape or explosion,’ replied Dimitri, eyes fixed ahead on his goal. His tone was firm. He still regarded her as his savior. â€Å"She has to keep herself visible with the other royals. So does Christian.’ He almost smiled. Almost. â€Å"Those two would certainly be my first suspects if something exploded.’ â€Å"But the guardians won’t suspect them once they realize the blast wasn’t caused by magic,’ I mused. Mikhail’s earlier words returned to me. â€Å"And hey, where did you guys get a hold of C4? Military grade explosives are kind of extreme, even for you.’ No one answered me because three guardians suddenly leapt out into our path. Apparently, they weren’t all out at the church. Dimitri and I surged ahead of our group, moving as one, just as we always had in battle together. Adrian had said the illusion he’d stretched over our group wouldn’t hold if anyone was facing us directly. I wanted to make sure Dimitri and I were the first line of contact with these guardians, in the hopes they wouldn’t recognize the others behind us. I threw myself into the fight without hesitation, defensive instincts kicking in. But in those milliseconds, the reality of what I was doing truly sank in. I’d fought guardians before and always felt guilty about it. I’d taken on the ones at Tarasov Prison, as well as the queen’s guard during my arrest. I hadn’t really known any of them, though. Just realizing they were my colleagues had been bad enough †¦ but now? Now I was facing one of the most difficult challenges in my life, as small as it seemed. After all, three guardians were an easy match for me and Dimitri. The problem was–I knew these guardians. Two of them I’d run into quite a bit after graduation. They worked at Court and had always been kind to me. The third guardian wasn’t just someone I knew–she was a friend. Meredith, one of the few girls in my class at St. Vladimir’s. I saw the flash of uneasiness in her eyes, a sentiment mirroring my own. This felt wrong to her too. But, she was a guardian now, and like me, she had had duty drilled into her throughout her life. She believed I was a criminal. She could see I was free and in attack mode. Procedure dictated she take me down, and honestly, I wouldn’t have expected anything less. It’s what I would have done had our roles been reversed. This was life and death. Dimitri was on the other two guys, as fast and badass as ever. Meredith and I went for each other. At first, she tried to knock me down by virtue of her weight, probably in the hopes of pinning me down until backup could help grab me. Only, I was stronger. She should have known that. How many times had we sparred in the school’s gym? I’d almost always won. And this was no game, no practice drill. I pushed back at her attack, punching her on the side of her jaw and desperately praying I didn’t break anything. She kept moving through the pain, but–again–I was superior. I caught a hold of her shoulders and threw her down. Her head hit hard, but she remained conscious. I didn’t know whether to be grateful or not. Maintaining my grip, I put her in a chokehold, waiting until her eyes closed. I released as soon as I was sure she was out, my heart twisting in my chest. Glancing over, I saw Dimitri had also taken down his opponents. Our group kept moving as though nothing had happened, but I glanced at Eddie, knowing there was grief on my face. He looked pained too but sought to reassure me as we hurried along. â€Å"You did what you had to,’ he said. â€Å"She’ll be okay. Banged up, but okay.’ â€Å"I hit her hard.’ â€Å"The medics can deal with concussions. Hell, how many did we get in practice?’ I hoped he was right. The lines between right and wrong were getting confusing. The one good thing, I supposed, was that Meredith had been so occupied by the sight of me that she probably hadn’t noticed Eddie and the others. They’d held back from the fight, hopefully keeping on Adrian’s veil of spirit while Dimitri and I took the attention. We finally reached the garages, which were indeed more crowded than usual. Some Moroi had already driven off. One royal was hysterical because her driver had her car’s keys, and she didn’t know where he was. She was shouting to passers-by to see if anyone could hotwire the car for her. Dimitri led us purposefully forward, never wavering. He knew exactly where we were going. There had been a lot of planning, I realized. Most of which had probably happened yesterday. Why had Lissa obscured it from me? Wouldn’t it have been better for me to have a heads-up on the plan? We scurried through the people, heading toward the garage on the very farthest side. There, sitting just outside of it and seemingly ready to go, was a drab gray Honda Civic. A man stood near it, arms crossed as he examined the windshield. Hearing our approach, he turned around. â€Å"Abe!’ I exclaimed. My illustrious father turned and gave me one of those charming smiles that could lure the unwary to their doom. â€Å"What are you doing here?’ demanded Dimitri. â€Å"You’ll be on the list of suspects too! You were supposed to stay back with the others.’ Abe shrugged. He looked remarkably unconcerned at Dimitri’s angry expression. I wouldn’t have wanted that fury directed at me. â€Å"Vasilisa will make sure a few people at the palace swear they saw me there during suspicious times.’ He turned his dark eyes toward me. â€Å"Besides, I couldn’t leave without telling you goodbye, could I?’ I shook my head in exasperation. â€Å"Was this all part of your plan as my lawyer? I don’t recall explosive escapes being part of legal training.’ â€Å"Well, I’m sure it wasn’t part of Damon Tarus’s legal training.’ Abe’s smile never wavered. â€Å"I told you, Rose. You will never face execution–or even a trial, if I can help it.’ He paused. â€Å"Which, of course, I can.’ I hesitated, glancing toward the car. Dimitri stood by it with a set of keys, looking impatient. Adrian’s words echoed in my memory. â€Å"If I run, it’s just going to make me seem that much more guilty.’ â€Å"They already think you’re guilty,’ said Abe. â€Å"You wasting away in that cell won’t change that. This just ensures we now have more time to do what we need to without your execution looming over us.’ â€Å"And what are you going to do exactly?’ â€Å"Prove you’re innocent,’ said Adrian. â€Å"Or, well, that you didn’t kill my aunt. I’ve known for a while you aren’t all that innocent.’ â€Å"What, are you guys going to destroy the evidence?’ I asked, ignoring the dig. â€Å"No,’ said Eddie. â€Å"We have to find who really did kill her.’ â€Å"You guys shouldn’t be involved with that, now that I’m free. It’s my problem. Isn’t that why you got me out?’ â€Å"It’s a problem you can’t solve while you’re at Court,’ said Abe. â€Å"We need you gone and safe.’ â€Å"Yeah, but I–‘ â€Å"We’re wasting time arguing,’ said Dimitri. His gaze fell on the other garages. The crowds were still chaotic, too busy with their own fears to notice us yet. That didn’t affect Dimitri’s concern. He handed me a silver stake, and I didn’t question the reasons. It was a weapon, something I couldn’t turn down. â€Å"I know everything looks disorganized, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly the guardians will restore order. And when they do, they’re going to lock this place down.’ â€Å"They don’t need to,’ I said slowly, my mind spinning. â€Å"We’re already going to have trouble going out of Court. We’ll be stopped–if we can even get to the gate. There are going to be cars lined up for miles!’ â€Å"Ah, well,’ said Abe, idly studying his fingertips. â€Å"I have it on good authority there’s going to be a new â€Å"gate’ opening up soon over on the south side of the wall.’ The truth dawned on me. â€Å"Oh lord. You’re the one who’s been doling out C4.’ â€Å"You make it sound so easy,’ he said with a frown. â€Å"That stuff’s hard to get a hold of.’ Dimitri’s patience was at an end. â€Å"All of you: Rose needs to leave now. She’s in danger. I’ll drag her out if I have to.’ â€Å"You don’t have to go with me,’ I shot back, kind of offended at the presumption. Memories of our recent arguments emerged, of Dimitri saying he couldn’t love me and didn’t even want to be friends. â€Å"I’ll take care of myself. No one else needs to get in trouble. Give me the keys.’ Instead, Dimitri gave me one of those rueful looks that said he thought I was being utterly ridiculous. We could have been back in class at St. Vladimir’s Academy. â€Å"Rose, I can’t really get in any more trouble. Someone has to be responsible for helping you, and I’m the best choice.’ I wasn’t so sure of that. If Tatiana really had made progress in convincing people Dimitri wasn’t a threat, this escapade would ruin it all. â€Å"Go,’ said Eddie, surprising me with a quick hug. â€Å"We’ll be in touch through Lissa.’ I realized then that I was fighting a losing battle with this group. It really was time to leave. I hugged Mikhail too, murmuring in his ear, â€Å"Thank you. Thank you so much for your help. I swear, we’ll find her. We’ll find Sonya.’ He gave me that sad smile of his and didn’t reply. Adrian was the hardest to leave behind. I could tell it was difficult for him too, no matter how relaxed his grin seemed. He couldn’t be happy about me going off with Dimitri. Our hug lasted a little bit longer than the others, and he gave me a soft, brief kiss on the lips. I almost felt like crying after how brave he’d been tonight. I wished he could go with me but knew he’d be safer here. â€Å"Adrian, thank you for–‘ He held up his hand. â€Å"It’s not goodbye, little dhampir. I’ll see you in your dreams.’ â€Å"If you stay sober enough.’ He winked. â€Å"For you I just might.’ A loud booming noise interrupted us, and we saw a flash of light off to my right. People near the other garages screamed. â€Å"There, you see?’ asked Abe, quite pleased with himself. â€Å"A new gate. Perfect timing.’ I gave him a reluctant hug too and was surprised when he didn’t pull back right away. He smiled at me †¦ fondly. â€Å"Ah, my daughter,’ he said. â€Å"Eighteen, and already you’ve been accused of murder, aided felons, and acquired a death count higher than most guardians will ever see.’ He paused. â€Å"I couldn’t be prouder.’ I rolled my eyes. â€Å"Goodbye, old man. And thanks.’ I didn’t bother asking him about the â€Å"felons’ part. Abe wasn’t stupid. After I’d asked him about a prison that had later been breeched, he’d probably figured out who was behind Victor Dashkov’s escape. And like that, Dimitri and I were in the car, speeding off toward Abe’s â€Å"new gate.’ I regretted not being able to say goodbye to Lissa. We were never truly apart with the bond, but it couldn’t take the place of face-to-face communication. Still, it was worth it to know she would be safe and free of any connection to my escape. I hoped. Like always, Dimitri drove, which I still thought was totally unfair. It had been one thing when I was his student, but now? Wouldn’t he ever give up that wheel? This didn’t seem like the time to discuss it, though–particularly since I didn’t plan on us staying together much longer. A few people had come out to see where the wall had blown up, but no one official had surfaced yet. Dimitri raced through the gap as impressively as Eddie had when he’d driven through Tarasov Prison’s gate, only the Civic didn’t handle the bumpy, grassy terrain as well as the SUV in Alaska. The problem with making your own exit was that it didn’t come with an actual road. Even that was beyond Abe. â€Å"Why is our getaway car a Civic?’ I asked. â€Å"It’s not really great for off-roading.’ Dimitri didn’t look at me but continued navigating over the rough ground toward a more drivable area. â€Å"Because Civics are one of the most common cars out there and don’t attract attention. And this should be the only off-roading we do. Once we hit a freeway, we’re putting as much distance between us and Court as we can–before abandoning the car, of course.’ â€Å"Abandon–‘ I shook my head, letting it go. We reached a dirt road that felt like the smoothest surface on earth after that jolting start. â€Å"Look, now that we’re out of there, I want you to know that I mean it: you don’t have to come with me. I appreciate your help in the escape. Really. But hanging out with me won’t do you any favors. They’ll be hunting for me more than you. If you take off, you can live somewhere around humans and not be treated like a lab animal. You might even be able to slink back to Court. Tasha would put up a fight for you.’ Dimitri didn’t answer for a long time. It drove me crazy. I wasn’t the kind of person who handled silence well. It made me want to chatter and fill the void. Plus, the longer I sat there, the more it hit me that I was alone with Dimitri. Like, really and truly alone for the first time since he’d become a dhampir. I felt like a fool, but in spite of the dangers we still risked †¦ well, I was still overwhelmed by him. There was something so powerful about his presence. Even when he made me angry, I still found him attractive. Maybe the adrenaline pounding through me was addling my brain. Whatever it was, I was consumed by more than just his physical aspects–though they were certainly distracting. The hair, the face, his closeness to me, his scent †¦ I felt it all, and it made my blood burn. But the inner Dimitri–the Dimitri who’d just led a small army through a prison break–captivated me just as much. It took me a moment to realize why this was so powerful: I was seeing the old Dimitri again, the one I’d worried was gone forever. He wasn’t. He was back. At long last, Dimitri replied, â€Å"I’m not leaving you. None of your Rose-logic arguments are going to work. And if you try to get away from me, I’ll just find you.’ I didn’t doubt he could, which just made the situation more confusing. â€Å"But why? I don’t want you with me.’ I still felt a lingering attraction for him, yes, but that didn’t change the fact that he had hurt me in breaking things off between us. He had rejected me, and I needed to harden my heart, particularly if I wanted to move on with Adrian. Clearing my name and leading a normal life seemed far away right now, but if it happened, I wanted to be able to return to Adrian with open arms. â€Å"It doesn’t matter what you want,’ he said. â€Å"Or what I want.’ Ouch. â€Å"Lissa asked me to protect you.’ â€Å"Hey, I don’t need anyone to–‘ â€Å"And,’ he continued, â€Å"I meant what I said to her. I swore I’d serve her and help her for the rest of my life, anything she asks. If she wants me to be your bodyguard, then that’s what I’ll be.’ He gave me a dangerous look. â€Å"There’s no way you’re getting rid of me anytime soon.’ How to cite Last Sacrifice Chapter Four, Essay examples

Difference between a Software Application and an Operating free essay sample

Windows is what allows me to do and save all my school work to my PC and then submit it to my online class. 4. Give an example of how hardware can influence the operating system and software and vice versa. Hardware can affect a computers SO and software in several ways. If your keyboard has something stuck under the key it may not allow you to type in the program you are trying to type in. If you restrict airflow to the computer it can cause it to overheat and not work properly or stop working all together. A computers SO and software can also cause problems to the hardware.If you obtain a virus through the internet it can cause permanent damage to your computers hard drive as well as other hardware. Files from your SO and software take up memory so if you dont delete things you dont need then it can cause the computer to not work as efficiently. We will write a custom essay sample on Difference between a Software Application and an Operating or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 5. Why are software updates so important? Be sure to include security fixes, bugs, adaptation to new hardware availability and other plugging options. Updating your software is crucial to the health of computer. Software updates provide fixes for any oleos in your security as well as general bug fixes for your software to make it run more smoothly.Ex. Screen glitches, the SO being slow or lagging, etc. Sometimes when new hardware comes out an update to your SO and other software will be required in order to use the new hardware. Updates specific to your security software provide protection against new mallard that has been found. 6. Give an example of a typical software update that you perform or that your computer provides for you. Be detailed in what software is being updated and whether it is automatic or if you are required to provide a disk or file.Overtime Adobe Acrobat releases an update my computer pops up with a message asking if I want to update it now or later. It also gives me the option to check a box for automatic updates (updating without asking my permission). I am not required to provide a disk or file. 7. Attach 2 corrections of a Windows screen, showing menus, toolbars, Windows, Folders, sub- folders, directories, subdirectories, and views. Change the view between the two corrections. You can use Persistence (see the Parts key on your keyboard) or the Snipping Tool to take a picture of your screen and attach it. 8.Attach 2 corrections demonstrating an understanding of file management tools, such as keyboard shortcuts, copy, paste, delete, move, rename, create shortcuts, and search; and demonstrate how to use each to manage files and folders. Please take an original screen shot (see instructions above) and then rename and move one file or folder and take a second picture. 9. Take 2 corrections of your screen. Take an original screen shot (see instructions above) then change the date and time and screen color, background, wallpaper, etc. And take a second picture. 10. Describe the difference between the typical states of your PC.

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Analyse The My Health Record System Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Analyse The My Health Record System. Answer: Introduction For strengthening a health care system to ensure quality health outcomes, a proper implemented electronic health record is necessary. After recommendation from National Health and Hospital Reform Commission in 2009, Australia chose to implement a PCEHR system and a My Health Record System nationally to allow consumers to record their medical details online. As a system analyst of the project, the capabilities and benefits of the system has been mentioned. The new system will reform the entire health care system of Australia and provide the patients with quality health care. Purpose The purpose of the project is to understand the problems, benefits and capabilities associated with the new system and analyse it properly. Scope The scope of the project is to provide valuable information about the effectiveness of the newly implemented system. Discussion The problems, capabilities and benefits of My Health Record has been analyzed as follows: Problem After analyzing the system, certain problems have been detected in the My health record system. The first problem that can arise from this new system is the need for more health professionals. Only around 1.7 million documents (clinical) has been added by the health care providers whereas the total population having My health record in Australia is over 4.5 million. Only about a third of the documents are SHS or Shared Health Summaries (where the medications, allergies, immunization and health conditions of the people are listed). The health care recipients information has been added to the My health record database from other sources such as Pharmaceutical benefits scheme and Medicare with their summaries regarding hospital discharge and informations about medications (Ben-Assuli, 2015). Several health care providers have concerns about the privacy of the system and have concerns about how sharing information in My health record will improve the conditions of the patients. The second issue that can arise from this system is the need to add more information and lack of operating skills. Lack of experience of the users to handle the My health record system is a major issue as many users do not know how to upload information or use the new system. There are over 80000 summaries related to consumer entered health in the system which contains information about the users contact details and medications. Less than 900 people have uploaded their Advanced care directive copy which is important if the individual wants to reap the benefits of the My health Record. As many people are still unaware how to use a computer or navigate through the My health record system, they will be unable to take the advantage of the new system. The third issue arises with low literacy rates. As the new system needs users with a basic knowledge of digital health and English skills, many users will be exempted from using the system to its full capability. The system needs to be more user friendly with lots of pictures and tutorial videos. The fourth problem that may arise is with the people who are having disability issues. It is increasingly difficult for people having motor neuron disease, dementia, brain injuries and strokes to properly explain their health issue to others. People with Parkinsons disease and impairments will be affected more as they lack the basic skill of proper communication. These people need additional funding and support from the system which was made for all the Australians in general. Capabilities The new system should be capable of managing a national infrastructure of electronic health records where authorized health care provider as well as patients can upload their health information in a controlled and accessible manner. The system can be accessed from anywhere which is a great for consumer engagement. The new system wants to improve the existing health system of Australia and enable consumers to have better partnership with health care providers. As aging people and increasing population is increasing the total cost of healthcare, the implementation of My Health Record empowers the user to look after their health. My Health Record reduces inefficiency and provides the user an opportunity to improve their health outcomes (Pearce Bainbridge, 2014). With informed decision making, self-management support and promotion of consumer participation, the My Health Record has the capability to give the users better access to their health information through an E-health record system. Benefits After analyzing the system, the perceived benefits of the My Health Record has been listed. The first benefit is better access to medical data. The information that is uploaded in the system can be securely viewed from anywhere and anytime as the data is present online. The information can be accessed from any computer and mobile provided that it has an internet connection. Once the profile of the user is set up, the user does not have to do anything else to access it online. The second being improved safety. The information that has been uploaded in the new system can be accessed by the user only and he or she can control who gets to see what information (Duckett Willcox, 2015). Strict regulations and rules have been provided to the user to prevent misuse of the user information and people who breaks the rules are heavily penalized. More convenience from the new system is the third benefit. The new system allows the user to not worry about their medication history, their chronic condition details, medicine details or their recent test details. It also mitigates the need to remember which health care provider the user has visited as all the details are uploaded automatically in the My Health Record (Ben-Assuli, 2015). The same benefits applies for the children who have undergone medical and immunization tests. The new system gives another benefit regarding better safety. The health care providers can instantly access the health record of a user in the case of an emergency and provide them with health care immediately. As all the details regarding allergies and prescribe medications are listed in My Health Record in details, the health care providers can instantly provide treatment to the user. The last benefit is regarding privacy of the individual. As all the information of the user including date of birth, age, gender and other personal details are listed in My Health Record proper restrictions have been implemented to prevent other users from accessing the information of the prospective user. Proper access controls have been provided in the new system which can be accessed by the user to select who can view their private information. Conclusion The Government of Australia has invested a lot of money on the development of My Heath Record to improve the safety and quality of health care service around the country. The proposed system does have a lot of problems but the analyzed benefits definitely overshadows the issues. The project does have a lot of capabilities but the full capability of the system can be utilized once the proposed issues are handled carefully by the concerned authorities. The project does have the potential to reduce health car expenses and improve the population health care outcomes as a whole. References Ben-Assuli, O. (2015). Electronic health records, adoption, quality of care, legal and privacy issues and their implementation in emergency departments.Health Policy,119(3), 287-297. Duckett, S., Willcox, S. (2015).The Australian health care system(No. Ed. 5). Oxford University Press. Pearce, C., Bainbridge, M. (2014). A personally controlled electronic health record for Australia.Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association,21(4), 707-713.